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International Crime Stoppers Awareness Month

Fact Sheet

  • Along with more than 1,700 other community Crime Stoppers programs in 32 countries, Regina Crime Stoppers recognizes January as International Crime Stoppers Awareness Month.

  • Regina Crime Stoppers is one of five Crime Stoppers programs in Saskatchewan. Each program combines the efforts of the public, the media, and police services to prevent and solve crime.

  • All Crime Stoppers programs are built on:

    • the foundation of anonymous reporting of information about crimes

    • providing a service to their community by combining the efforts of citizens, the media and the local police service to prevent and solve crime

  • Every 14 minutes a crime is solved somewhere in the world as a result of a Crime Stoppers tip.

  • Globally, Crime Stoppers sharing of information has resulted in more than 1 million arrests and has led to the seizure of more than $10 billion in illicit drugs and stolen property.

Regina Crime Stoppers

  • Regina Crime Stoppers provides a proven, proactive community service program that combines the efforts of Regina Police Service, the media and the public in solving crime.

  • Regina Crime Stoppers, in partnership with the Regina Police Service and the City of Regina, want to publicly acknowledge January 2020 as International Crime Stoppers Awareness Month in the City of Regina.

  • Regina Crime Stoppers helps the Regina Police Service prevent and solve crime through anonymous tips provided from everyday people

  • This successful combination of resources has been an invaluable tool in identifying criminals and bringing them to justice.

  • Individuals who have any information that will assist investigators are encouraged to anonymously call Regina Crime Stoppers.

  • Regina Crime Stoppers may pay cash awards of up to $2,000 for information pertaining to any crime, which leads to the identity or arrest of individuals involved. This also includes solving of a case and recovery of stolen property or illicit drugs.

  • Calls or submissions are not traced or recorded and callers do not have to identify themselves. Regina Crime Stoppers guarantees your anonymity and you will never be asked to identify yourself or testify in court.

  • Remember, Regina Crime Stoppers wants your information and not your name. Your anonymous tips help solve crimes and contribute to an improved quality of life in Regina.

  • Individuals can provide information to prevent and solve crimes or find wanted or missing persons by calling 1.800.222.8477, through our website or by using our free P3 application available for free download in the Apple or Android store.

  • The Regina Board of Directors is comprised of local volunteers who oversee the program in this city and whose main functions are to raise funds, create awareness and approve tip rewards.

Success in 2019 – Yearly Statistics

  • Since inception 35 years ago Regina Crime Stoppers has:

    • received 22,672 tips

    • assisted the Regina Police Service in 2,218 arrests

    • cleared 3,970 cases

    • recovered over $11.2 million worth of drugs and stolen property

Statistical Breakdown


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