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2023 Statistics shared during Media Release

Regina Crime Stoppers held a media release in conjunction with the Regina Police Service last week. Here are the results:

Tips were up in 2023, from the previous year, and 44 cases were cleared in 2023 thank to anonymous tips from community members.

While tips were up, the amount of property, drugs, and cash seized is down significantly due to the nature of the types of crimes that received tips. This can fluctuate year over year based on the type of tip and subsequent investigation.

The Regina Crime Stoppers Board would like to remind those who submit tips to follow up to see if they are eligible for a reward. In 2023, 25 rewards were approved, however, only 9 were collected. Tipsters may call the 1-800-TIPS (8477) line, or they can check the status of their tip online at

Since our inception in 1984, over 1,958 charges have been laid and $12.2 million in stolen property and drugs have been recovered by Regina Crime Stoppers. We thank they public for their support to make our city a safer place.


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