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The Future Leaders visit the Legislature!

For the children involved in the Leaders Creating Future Leaders program, it was more than just a getting a visit and a talk from the principal.

It was more like seeing and hearing from the principal’s principal!

Education Minister and Deputy Premier Don Morgan was the  guest speaker at the April Leaders Creating Future Leaders event, an initiative co-sponsored by Regina Crime Stoppers, the Regina Intersectoral Partnership and Conexus Credit Union.  Each month, a local leader reflects on his or her experiences growing up, and what lessons can be passed on to help the next generation of children.

Minister Morgan urged the young people to think everyday about what words they can say and acts they can do to demonstrate they are true friends to those around him.  He reflected on the importance of friends and family he had growing up, and urged the young leaders to be a positive role model.

“That might mean volunteering at you school, helping at a local community centre of a Food Bank or speaking up if you see someone being bullied,” said Minister Morgan, reflecting there are more challenges today than when he grew up.

He also politely joked that we glad social media wasn’t around when he was a young person so some of his less flattering moments could be permanently documented!

We thank Minister Morgan for taking an hour for his busy and demanding job as a Cabinet Minister to speak to our young people.  We all learned and had a rewarding experience!


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