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Bank Card Theft

Date of Crime:

January 30, 2022

The incident happened on January the 30th, 2022, at around 11:30 In the morning at a business in Regina’s east end. A woman was shopping and left her purse on her shopping cart when somebody went into the purse and stole her wallet. About an hour later at another business in the east end of Regina, a man and a woman used the victim's stolen bank cards to complete multiple transactions using the tap function. Suspect number one is described as a man with a slim build wearing a white to white long sleeve shirt, gray sweatpants, and black and white running shoes. Suspect number two was described as a woman with a medium to heavy build wearing a gray toque, gray long sleeve shawl with black pants and black running shoes.

Anyone who can assist police in identifying the suspect(s) in this crime or any other crime is asked to:

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