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Date of Crime:

August 31, 2022

The incident happened on August the 30th, 2022 at around 6pm, at the intersection of Ninth Avenue and Angus Street. Someone's vehicle had broken down and was being helped by three people. The victim left briefly to get additional assistance and when he returned, the three people had stolen multiple items from the vehicle, including a large amount of cash. Suspect number one is described as a woman with dyed red hair, brown eyes, drawn on eyebrows, acne scars on cheeks she was wearing glasses and wearing blue jeans and a floral and pink blouse. Suspect number two is described as a woman with dyed blue hair wearing a black and white spotted dress, black heels, a half sleeve on left upper arm. She had tattoos on her right forearm and hand and painted fingernails. Suspect number three is described as a man with a shaved head, wearing dark blue jeans, a black T shirt, a brown bald cap, a tattoo on his right forearm and he had a black body satchel bag.

Anyone who can assist police in identifying the suspect(s) in this crime or any other crime is asked to:

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